SMS technology has paved the way to injecting new ideas into mobile value added services via SMS. Rather than just enabling SMS connectivity via platform support, our PulzeBulk system allows you to infuse new ideas and explore new territories for creative promotional marketing campaigns that will help you get attention and increase customer retention.

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PulzeCP is a collection of mobile technology inspired innovations that plays a vital role in disseminating rich multimedia content. PulzeCP caters to all mobile needs from individuals to corporate, from simple marketing campaigns, contests, voting systems, and content licensing, to comprehensive content provisioning solutions and state-of-the-art machine-to-machine solutions.

Operating in an era of technology changing lifestyle and demands from end users, we are always looking ahead to innovate services and solutions that will fulfil mass mobile users’ need, with the key ingredient of brand convergence strategies with our partners.

PulzeCP Value-Added-Services (VAS) underlines the theme of mVAS and we believe that the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) will increase through enhancing the brand image of our business partners by developing key marketing and branding initiatives. mVAS’ main marketing focus will be building top-of-mind awareness with customers that establishes mVAS as the ultimate source for mobile value added services globally.

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  • PulzeGate Micro-billing SMS Solution is a mobile billing gateway system that allows content providers (CPs) to use it to connect to aggregators or telco for SMS charging.
  • MO report (Message Originating)
  • MT report (Message Terminating)
  • DN report (Delivery Notification)
  • Helps manage MSISDN (Phone Numbers), Mobile Billing Logs and History,
  • Message Log and tracking mobile subscribers
  • Backend Scheduler (Automation)
  • Handles MO/MT push to mobile end users based on billing intervals
  • Scheduler manages processes to distribute load evenly in the backend so response is optimised

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Provides wide range of support for content management for portals from front end UI up to backend for ease of maintenance as well as reduction of running cost. Our CMS comprises of portal management, terminal management and content aggregation component.

  • Portal Management
    Allow design, development, update and publishing of mobile service portals with ease and minimises developer involvement. Multi channel support (HTML, XHTML, WML, STK, iOS, WML and JAVA)
  • Terminal Management
    Provides a set of component to support device recognition and optimisation requirements of multi channel portals (iPhones, Android, Symbian, Smartphones, Netbooks, Terminal eg. PC)
  • Content Aggregation
    The tool for mobile operators to collect and disseminate contents from different service providers and transform into common operator’s service catalogues. This will allow a unified user experience and open opportunity for service re-branding with mobile operators.

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PulzeBulk is our Bulk SMS Messaging platform for direct to user SMS broadcasting for promotional or marketing use.

  • Manage from Anywhere
    Pulzebulk accessible web-based management (user interface) allows you to manage your bulk SMSes anytime, anywhere. Our PulzeBulk is one-of-kind and will help you in the administration, provisioning and configuration of your promotional messages to your customers.
  • Save Money
    Our PulzeBulk tracking of real-time charges for both Message-Originating and Message-Terminating SMSes keeps the information accurate from operators. Our system uses a unified prepaid charging to deduct credit for the delivery of the SMS messages therefore reducing the hassle of currency conversion for different operations across continents. The more messages you send, the more you save.
  • Secure Information
    Our messages are highly secure and we employ state-of-the-art auditing tools to track messages and are able to implement authentication mechanisms.